Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

Aielli (Abruzzen)

Aquarell 36 x 56 cm

Aquarell 23 x32 cm


  1. You are a man who knows what they are doing with watercolor. I appreciate that. Your work is adept and the results are lovely. I especially like your paintings of the woods. That's was my favorite subject. This year I'm attempting portraiture. It's difficult when you insist upon getting a likeness and you haven't used oils in thirty years. A commission out of the blue gave me a shove. Thank you so much for becoming a follower. It's very meaningful when maestros give their endorsement. From what I see here you are a maestro. It's my pleasure to join your supporters.

  2. Greetings Johannes--What a wonderful collection of works you have here! I am truely enjoying seeing these, and am especially drawn to the rich color. Stunning. Thanks for visiting my blog and for following, all the best. Bill

  3. Una acuarela muy bonita. Unos pocos colores,y una mano agil te an bastado para dar luz,a este cuadro.Saludos.

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